Sanggar LCF

Preserving the Balinese Traditional Musics by teaching them to Balinese young generations.

Short Summary

Hi everyone,
My name is Alit Sudarsana, I am the president of Little Circle Foundation (LCF). With this campaign we are determined to help preserving Balinese culture, in particular the Balinese Traditional music called "Gong Kebyar." In the era of globalization, Bali as an international tourist destination faces a complex and difficult problem. Especially with regard to preserving its own culture. Nowadays, young people are more engaged and interested with western and pop cultures. And by definition less and less Balinese is interested in the beauty of Balinese cultures, which actually the center and core of Balinese tourism, especially the Balinese traditional music. Beside globalization, the cost of a full set of Balinese Traditional Music is so expensive, one full set of Balinese Traditional Music could cost more than $20,000. This fact also contribute in making it harder to encourage Balinese young people in preserving its culture, because it is not affordable for them and also their schools.
In order to raise awareness of Balinese young generations in the importance of preserving its culture not only for the tourism but alsp for the sake of its traditions, LCF is now raising funds to eventually buy a full set of Balinese traditional Music (Gong Kebyar). After making the purchase, LCF will be then teaching Balinese youngsters how to play the traditional music and eventually helping them to preserve it.
A little bit about my Foundation, Little Circle Foundation is a non-profit organization focuses on improving the quality of education in Bali, Indonesia through knowledge sharing, volunteering and people empowerment.

LCF now has more than 200 students in Bali, Indonesia. We are teaching elementary to senior high students in Bali. We are also conducting training for teachers in Klungkung, Bali, developing our legal clinic program, LCF Scholarship,  and many other programs to encourage young people to take part in the betterment of Indonesia and the World.

What We Need & What You Get

In essence, what we need is to raise fund above $20,000 in order to buy a full set of Balinese Traditional music, and the rest (around $5,000) will be used to build a practice room and for maintenance.

What will you get? If you are Balinese you will be helping your community by preserving its culture. If you are not a Balinese, one day when you have  a chance to visit Bali, you will still be able to see Balinese traditions and customs especially its traditional musics. And of course you will help preserving its culture and helping Balinese young generations to preserve its own culture.

Risks & Challenges

Balinese Traditional Music is something that is hard to take care. We will need to eventually spend money for maintenance as well as to perhaps hire professional to help us doing that.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you think you will not be able to help us with this campaign, but you are still interested to know more about LCF please feel free to visit our website at, or our FB Page ( or just write to us to LittleCircleFoundation(at)gmail(dot)com.



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