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We proudly present the LCF Asia Pacific International Moot Court Competition. LCF Asia Pacific International Moot Court Competition is the first international moot court competition that will be held in Bali in October 2017.  This competition is hosted by Little Circle Foundation - an award winning non-profit NGO based in Bali.

The aim of this competition is to facilitate and provide law students in Asia Pacific region especially those embarking on their very first International Law Moot Court Competition using the proceeding of the International Court of Justice. In this competition, all of the participants can develop their skill to write memorials and to present the oral pleadings on fictional case regarding international law. Before the competition begin, there will be a workshop and paper presentation regarding the Law of the Sea and International Law in general. 

In this year the fictional case is concerning about the nuclear project in the Admirate Island. The core of the case is concerned with the effects of the construction of a nuclear project within a disputable island.

Register now! This is the time to represent your university in LCF Asia Pacific International Moot Court Competition. The early bird registration is from 23 June – 7 July 2017 and normal registration from 8 July – 30 July 2017. Should there is any inquiry do not hesitate to contact our committees. Wish you the very best luck with your preparations and look forward to welcoming you in Bali.

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The 2017 Moot problem :
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LCF Asia Pacific International Moot Court Competition

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