Dwi Krisna: A Journey to be an Inspiring Leader

By Dewi Lestari The best character of a leader is that he/she must be able to inspire and lead his or her team through good and bad times. In this era, many people are trying to be a good leader. They have their own way to lead their team, how someone leading her/his team is the reflection of the leader. A friendly, humble, smart, and responsible person is the exact words to describe Dwi Krisna Arjati. dwi1 Dwi Krisna Arjati or usually known as Dwi is one of Little Circle Foundation (LCF) staffs who was the Project Manager of the 2 Youth Camps on Climate Change held by LCF. Currently, he is studying law at Faculty of Law, Udayana University. This young man, who enjoys mountain-climbing activity, has a lot of achievements both academic and non-academic. In his college, he has joined some organizations to train his soft skills better. His experiences in various organizations has become the the foundation for him to be a leader in this youth camp. The camp, which was conducted three days in Bali Outbound and Farmstay, Baturiti, Tabanan-Bali, certainly needed a good preparation. As a young and talented activist, Dwi worked very hard from the preparation until the end of camp. He has sacrificed his time and energy to make this camp successful, for example during the camp preparation he did some survey for the camp place along with some of the 1st camp’s committees which its took a long time, besides he also needed to divide his time to prepare for the Air Law moot court competition that he joined. Luckily, in this camp he did not do everything by himself, as a good leader he was able direct his team to do their job. That is what a good leader should do as well as what Dwi has done. As a Law student in Udayana University, Dwi had an experience as the president in an international law community (known as Student Community for International Law). With his experiences, he can manage many things at the same time during the camp. This camp, which aims to encourage the youth against climate change, has transformed Dwi to be a better leader. He patiently led other committees to do their job during the camp. All of the participants praised him because his work, moreover there were some participants that gave him a gift as a sign of their gratitude to Dwi who had successfully organized the camp and led his committees. Every leader has their own way of leading his team, as well as Dwi. Funny yet, firm, and wise at the same time are his characteristics as a leader. Be sides making the camp participants amazed by his charms he also succeeded to inspire his team to become a good leader. “Let’s do our best. Every little thing that we do will change the world, including what we have done for these camps” said Dwi on one of the last meeting before the camp started. His spirit and high dedication to his nation Play Store against climate change through LCF Youth Camp should be appreciated Indonesia should be proud of a youngster like Dwi.


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