Youth Climate Change Hero Camp is the most memorable one we participated in during 2015 – Edu Green team

Youth Climate Change Hero Camp is the most memorable one we participated in during 2015. The camp gave us new friends, new perspectives and new insights. Education Green’s resolution in 2014 following the forum on environmental protection was supported and promoted by Little Circle Foundation given the difficulty we experienced to attend this camp because we passed to the second selection phase but our project leader was following activities in Malaysia. So she could not help us in making the video. But luckily we were able to finish the video although the quality is not as good as we hoped. We certainly had a feeling of pessimism when we looked at projects of other friends which were much better. However we believe that God would give us the opportunity to grow through the LCF and we passed to be able to attend this camp. We were delighted (and exited) to be selected and we gathered as much information as possible on the LCF website. Education Green is a project that was originally to provide knowledge about environmental protection associated with some programs. We followed this camp with the hope to expand the network of friends and get inspiration on how to manage a good project. We were very fortune because the team camp was held in Bali. We were a team consisting of a number of young members who were participating in final school examinations. However the values ​​and experiences that we gained has been felt by all members of our project. We gained much new scientific knowledge as many of the speaker in this camp are experts in their field. A particularly useful new science was marine ecology given that we have no experience in this field we got a lot of this information from Mr. Wayan Karang who is one of the lecturers at Udayana University. We become aware how to identify coral reefs and how to maintain ocean ecosystems. As Bali is very famous for sea travel so it is important for our people to have a good understanding about the maintenance of marine ecosystems. edu1 edu2 Everyone in the world should take a role in saving the environment. No matter how small as it would contribute to saving the environment from Climate Change. Climate Change is the phenomenon that we cannot stop, but we can reduce its impact if we work together. We are one of the teams that are not involved in the quest to save the environment, we also do not have expert knowledge about the environment but we believe that saving the environment is our common task. We were very grateful to get material from Mr. Nanda, as one who follows the issue of climate change, he gives an overview of COP 21 (Conference of the Parties) which is the annual meeting of the parties to the 21st to discuss the implementation of the UN convention climate change framework (UNFCCC) held in Paris and this was new knowledge to us. We learnt about the COP 21 for the first time is in this camp and before the end we followed the issues on social media, so that we can follow the issues and maintain interest about all the current issues. Our expectations for this camp initially as an outdoor camp provided facilities but we were surprised at how comfortable and pleasant the experience actually turned out. The Puri Dalem hotel was a very nice facility. LCF provided facilities that now have us looking forward to camp2. The activities in this camp also allows us to move our project forward. A number of speakers were very competent which allow us to design a better project. We wish to express our gratitude to LCF as an organizer. “MANTAP ” So up to the present time we have been able to communicate with several other members of the other project team on the development of their activities in the project and their activities that inspire us. Because we believe “You Are What You Follow and We Will Follow You, Youth Climate Change Hero!” We are very pleased to take this camp to meet with the team of Mafin Project (Semarang), 1000 Mangrove For Better Future (Malang), Community Sayang Bambu Flores (NTT), Komunitas Selamatkan Pantai Kita and Bring Your Tumbler Project is a team of Bali , Is a pleasure for us because Bali is represented by two teams. In this camp we were divided into groups so that there was interaction with friends from other projects and there was also real action with outdoor activity is cleaning Sanur beach. Although it was a very hot day this outdoor activity was refreshing because we spent a lot of time for seminars and FGD (Focus Group Discussion). Seminars and FDG are very important because these activities train us to have good critical thinking in analysing the situations we had to face in order to save the environment. The changes that we want to implement to save the environment is not only the responsibility of policy makers, but it is our responsibility together to create a better life. We may not be able to change the world but we can change ourselves to care for the environment. We can start with ourselves and in our communities then we can change together. No matter how small, positive actions can have an impact on the environment which will be better for the earth. Maybe you can go faster alone, but we can go far if together to realize the vision and mission for the Earth better. Education Green would like to say thank you to the LCF, Speakers, young heroes, sponsors, volunteers and all parties involved in this incredible camp. Our 2015 are colouring by such an incredible camp J Until we meet again young heroes 🙂


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