Computer Course

LCF is grateful to receive donation in the form of 2 laptops from one of our dedicated and loyal benefactors Ms. Mita. We will use these laptops to help LCF's students to understand how to use technology in the positive way as well as to teach them the very basic computer skills.

In the future, we aspire to have enough laptops/computers, computer projectors and other computer-related devices to support our Computer Classes at LCF. We do hope that with these courses, LCF will be able to help students who residing in remote areas in Bali and Indonesia and never experience the use of basic technologies and social medias to know how technology can be very helpful to them and eventually to be connected with their future online friends from all around the world.

In its Computer Courses, LCF teaches computer skills to students using open source software. such as Ubuntu, Linux and Open Office, by using open source softwares, we hope that students will learn to respect Intellectual Property as well as to fight against the use of pirated softwares which is a common thing in Indonesia. 

NB: LCF would like to thanks Ms. Mita for this generous donations and encourage others to take part in helping this nation to have its awesome future.


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